What is Kanosa?

In the country where I originated from, the Philippines, we are used to calling Americans “Kano”.  Kano is Filipino slang for American (Filipinos like to shorten long words).   “Cano” or “Kano” was derived from the last four letters of the word “Americano”.

Another Filipino word is the word “Asawa”.  Asawa means spouse in English. Combining the words “Kano” and the “Sa” from the word Asawa I came up with the word “KanoSa“.  This new word Kanosa is pronounced ca-no-sa with the emphasis on the first syllable.  So, Kanosa simply means a Filipina married to an American man.



What is “Diary of a Kanosa” all about?

Diary of a Kanosa is about the life of a Filipina Christian who has an American spouse. Come and discover my adventures and dramas.  And learn from my struggles with a cross-cultural marriage, family, friends, and even my life at work.   If you are a foreigner married to an American man just like me you are a kanosa too! You’re not a kanosa? Do you want to know about life here in America from the perspective of somebody born outside the US? Or, are you interested in the journey through life of a Christian trying to live her faith? Well, this blog is for you too! So please join me as I live the life of a Christian KANOSA!