When a Kanosa becomes a Cat Lover

Charlie the Himalayan Cat

Charlie the Himalayan Cat

I never imagined that I would actually like a cat. Growing up we had cat around the house but I didn’t end up a cat lover. My family liked to have a cat in the house for two reasons. First, they believed that cats are good to have because they chase mice and make them vanish. Second, cats are good for killing snakes. I remember this incident when I was 6 years old. Our cat fought a snake and won. Cats are too fast for snakes. It was so fascinating watching him clobber the snake. I can still remember how he attacked and killed the snake using his paws. Yes! Just his paws! He gave the snake some fast Pow! Pow! Pow! Dead!

While watching our cat in action, it made me think of a movie by Jackie Chan that I’d seen on TV the night before. The movie was Snake and the Eagle Shadow. There was a scene in the movie where Jackie Chan saved his teacher’s life by fighting the master of Eagle fighting style clan which was the number one rival of his teacher’s Snake fighting style clan. They fought for hours and then finally the bad guy used the snake style Kung Fu and then Jackie Chan used his cat style Kung Fu—a fighting technique that he developed after witnessing his pet cat and a snake fight in his barn.

You are probably wondering why on earth I’m talking about cats, snakes, and Jackie Chan. An odd combination, isn’t it? But that is not what I really wanted to talk about. I want to share my first encounter with a Himalayan cat and believe me it was an awesome experience. I never thought that I would like a cat so much that I would devote an entire entry to one in my blog. Himalayans are the prettiest cat I’ve ever seen. They are funny, cute and they like to be with people. They are not a typical cat that wants to be alone all the time. This might be a strange thought but to me Himalayan cats act almost like dogs.

After meeting my friend’s cat, Charlie, and having the chance, to play with him. I became so curious about Himalayan cats I did a little digging about these cute furry fellows and here’s what I found:

  1. Himalayan cats are the product of breeding Siamese cats with Persian cats.
  2. Himalayan cats are easygoing and can adapt well to new environments and surroundings.
  3. Himalayan cats are affectionate and like to keep you company whatever you do.
  4. Himmys or Himalayan cats are calm, intelligent, enjoy playtime and can be talkative cats at times.
  5. Himalayan cats are a little high maintenance to take care of because they require daily brushing to keep their fur tangle-free, and need regular bathing to avoid oil build up.



Oh, another thing I want to add about Himalayan cats… they are way too expensive. They cost $1,000, or more, depending on how they were bred. Wow! $1,000, that’s 4 months worth of groceries for me, whew! J I’d like to own a Himalayan cat but for me that’s too much money to spend on a pet. Well, I guess I will just visit my friend’s house more often so I can play with my new purrrfect friend Charlie. Hah!

What about you, would you spend $1,000 for a special cat like this one?