Leaving Home for the First Time

Airplane's Wingtip

Airplane’s Wingtip

It was 5:00 am Sunday morning at Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila. RT and I were sitting waiting to board a Northwest Airlines flight to the US. We’d been sitting in the airport since 3 am. I remember the room was so cold that morning and I started to feel hungry. It was a good thing I remembered the pack of crackers that my mother placed in my carryon bag. I was hesitant about the crackers when she placed them there, now I was so glad that she didn’t listen to me. RT and I started eating the crackers. Boy, they tasted really good.

When our plane was taxiing for takeoff on the runway I looked out the window and my eyes caught Ninoy Aquino International Airport for the last time. I pinned my eyes on it while the plane was moving so fast and finally the plane took off. I tried to chase the sight of that familiar airport until I couldn’t see it anymore. Then all of a sudden tears started to roll down my cheeks, especially when I recalled the faces of my family whom I love so dearly.

RT saw me crying and started to console me. I leaned on his shoulders and cried some more. He kissed me on the forehead and then whispered, “I love you”. I looked to him and smiled. Somehow, those words of his gave me comfort and made me feel secure.

Leaving home for the very first time wasn’t so easy for me. I lived with my family all my life. I ate with them, slept with them, laughed, cried and sometimes fooled around with them. We did so many things as a family. Although my family is not perfect, I love them with all my heart.

My mom and I are very close with each other. We did a lot of things together. Part of it because she never wanted me to leave out of her sight. So she always brought me everywhere she went. Yup! She over-protected me. I can’t blame her because at that time I was the only child she had. For 17 years, it was just me, yup just me. My half siblings from my father were already out of the house when I was in high school. They all had their own families.

When the day came and RT asked for my hand in marriage it was very hard for my mom to give me away. The thought that I’ll be thousands of miles away from her almost broke her heart. She wanted me to be happy but she didn’t want me to leave. It was a bittersweet time for her when I broke the news that I got engaged. She even attempted to talk me into breaking off my relationship with RT.

I can recall one incident when I was getting ready for work. My mother told me that she had no objection to me wanting to settle down but to just pick some guy from the Philippines. She couldn’t understand why I chose a guy that I could have no clue whatsoever about his past, or his present status. For all I knew RT could have been married or had kids. For weeks upon weeks she kept feeding these thoughts into me. Until one day I had enough. Our conversation heated up and we started to argue. We didn’t speak for two days.

One Sunday after the church service I planned to stop by my favorite place for solitude – the cemetery – so I could contemplate and pray. Somehow my mother’s words had got into me and I had started to doubt and question my decision to marry. What if my mom was right about her assumptions with RT? We were total strangers to each other. All the information I knew about him was what he said in his emails, online chats and phone conversations. And what about that old saying, “Mothers knows best”? I didn’t want to defy my mother but I wanted to follow my heart, too!

Torn in desperation, I turned this matter over to GOD. Deep in my heart I knew that RT was the one that God gave to me to be my lifetime partner and helpmate. I prayed to God that afternoon in tears. I told God what was in my heart and in my mind. I told God that I had these questions and doubts about RT’s character. I asked God for His guidance and provision. After I prayed I decided to open my Bible to read some passages. When I opened it a small envelope was tucked inside. This was a gift from Sister Jenny, a church mate. I opened it and to my surprise it was a bookmark with a verse from the Bible embroidered on it. The verse was from 1Corinthians 13:7-8a.                     

bear all things, believes all things, hope all things, endures all things.Love never fails. (NKJV) 



After reading this verse it dawned on me that this was a message from God. His direct answer to my prayer. That I should not to doubt RT’s love and intention for me, that I should trust him. When I came home later that day I didn’t know that God had also worked on my mother’s heart. My mom and I had a talk. She said that she prayed also that afternoon and the Lord impressed on her heart that I should be set free. While doing her quiet time she came across this letter from the devotional:

“Your children belong to God, not you. He is the one who made them, and He has a purpose that you may only dimly be aware of. Let Him bring about that purpose in His way. Your job is to prepare them for that purpose.

Think of yourself as a steward. The Lord has entrusted these precious lives into your care. For a short while you will be all they know. You get to have fun with them and share in their joy of discovery. But they don’t belong to you. You must look after them and encourage them; you must protect them, even from yourself and your own prejudices. You must take them into your lap and read to them, and nurture a love of learning that will endure. You must pour your love into them so that they can be strong and self-sufficient and not needy. You must encourage their interests, and sacrifice to fund those interests, even if you don’t fully understand them.”

That night she gave me her blessing to marry RT. Now my happiness was truly fulfilled. I’m so grateful to God for answering my prayer that day.

RT had no clue about what had happened between me and my mother. I wrote him an email telling him the full details of the story. He was shocked to learn all about it. He was thankful to God that He protected and blessed our relationship.

Truly if we get God involved in our plans and seek His guidance He is faithful and true and will bless us. Like what it says in Proverbs 16:3

“Commit to the Lord whatever you do and he will establish your plans.”